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Discuss: Why Star Wars? Why Star Trek?

The great debate– Star Wars or Star Trek?


Both science-fiction titles are immensely popular, with a large part of that due to their loyal, crazy, and of course, nerdy fan base. But make no mistake, there is a difference between a Star Wars fan and a Trekkie. 

Andrew Dansby of the Houston Chronicle got me thinking with this article. In it, he highlights some differences between the two groups of fans, like for example:

The two Star worlds represent different strata of nerdiness, with Trek the fundamentalist faith of the two. Grown Star Wars fans might offer self-deprecating humor based on their fandom, but it doesn’t inspire the stigmatized reverence that Trek does.

Dansby goes on to explain that this may be because Star Wars, at heart, is a “dramatic space opera,” while Star Trek revels more in “harder science fiction.” (Although with this new movie, I sense the lines are being a little blurred). Of course, like anything in the sci-fi genre, both of these movies/shows depict thing far from reality. But the point is, when it comes down to what is more real, or what could be more real, Star Trek seems to come out on top. 

Here’s my take. While Star Wars ultimately functions as entertainment (really, really good entertainment I should say), Star Trek strives to do more than that– it creates a world within the real world that we experience. This explains why Trekkies take their shit so seriously. In a way, it is real to them– it defines a part of their lives. Star Wars fans, on the other hand, seem to understand that their beloved movies really do take place in a galaxy far, far away. (Which doesn’t mean they can’t be crazy fans either; I’m just talking in terms of their general attitudes).

But who knows. I have to admit, I am neither a huge Star Wars nor a huge Star Trek fan. I simply like both. Which is why I’m asking you, if you are indeed a big fan of Star Wars— why? Have you ever watched Star Trek? What about it doesn’t work for you? And if you are a Trekkie, what about Star Trek grabbed your attention? What do you think about Star Wars?


The NEW fans of Star Trek… will you be one of them?

The day is almost here. Tomorrow, Star Trek the movie comes out, and you can bet the Trekkies are going to be there. I’m talking about the people who have seen the 1966 series, when it first came out and almost got cancelled due to low viewership. I’m talking about the people who staged fan conventions, bought merchandise, even watched the animated series. I’m talking about the people who made Star Trek truly “live long and prosper.” They will be there, but most likely, you’re not one of them. You’ll go watch it because the name “Star Trek” is popular, and it’s almost summer, and the trailer looked sweet with the space battles and everything, and Sylar from Heroes is on it. You are exactly the type of person that J.J. Abrams, the creator of the movie, is intending the target. You are the new fan. 

Ted Anthony from the Associated Press wrote an interesting article about the new fans versus the “hardcore” fans. This new movie is causing quite a stir among the Trekkies, especially among those who feel the movie may be destroying some of the history and events of all the other Star Trek movies and TV episodes.

“We’re all hardcore. No one is more hardcore than anyone else, really. And we all love it. But I guess it’s almost political,” says Anthony Pascale, who oversees Trekmovie.com. “Some people have a very strict view of what `Star Trek’ is: `It’s this, this and this.’ They’ve got a checklist.”

At the same time, the people working on this new movie aren’t idiots. They realized that if they were to completely obliterate the basics of Star Trek, then they would lose also the heart of Star Trek, the fans, the people that made it what it is. While there are “hardcore” Trekkies, there are still many others that are more lenient.

Still, most “Trek” fans, no matter how “canonista” they are, typically agree that the mythos must involve a sense of hope about the future, a feeling of deep friendship among the characters and a zest for exploration. As global as “Star Trek” is, those are fundamental characteristics of the American experience

It seems that the new Star Trek movie is going to embrace all of these overarching themes. I sure hope it does. Trekkies are a passionate group, and why wouldn’t they be? If you were that invested and involved in a series’ success, even as a fan, you would feel a bit protective of it. J.J. Abrams took a risk in making this new Star Trek, but if all the positive press is right, then he succeeded– he got the new fans AND (most) of the old fans. 

So, new fan. Check out these links. It’ll help you prepare for the movie. (And possibly hold your own against those Trekkies).