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The Big “O”

Oprah is everything my mother aspires to be. Or so it seems.

The Books, the magazine, the cookbooks, or really any product Oprah has ever advertised or claimed to have liked- my mom has purchased.

And she’s not alone. After Oprah’s “Favorite Things” television specials, companies such as L’occitane en Provence and Le Mystere have reported limited stock in those items-or have to put Oprah’s favorite items on backorder.

What’s the mystique of Oprah, and why are so many women her fans? Her talkshow is at 4 p.m. est/3 p.m. cst. She donates thousands of dollars a year to charity and is politically involved. But what do you think it is that makes her so special?

Oprah Winfrey


Perez Hilton or The Obsession with the Celebrity

Not one of Perez's Favorites

Not one of Perez's Favorites

Poking Fun at Brooke

Poking Fun at Brooke

If you log onto, you will be logging onto quite an informative website. The blogger, PerezĀ  Hilton, posts news stories BUT more importantly the latest in Hollywood gossip.

You may think that this “fandom” is about following the celebrity, but after years of blogging, Perez Hilton is the topic of fandom. He has raised awareness for gay rights issues, the political election, all the while drawing penises on his least favorite celebrities.

Perez’s blog gets millions upon millions of clicks a day, many even getting his updates sent to their phones.

Reader Brittany Buhler, 19, said, “I can’t live without my Perez. I get it sent to my Blackberry, and I read it during class.” Buhler also admitted to “hating” celebrities Perez does not care for as well.

For example, Perez idolizes Madonna and Angelina Jolie, but he writes negatively of Jennifer Aniston or as he writes “Maniston.”

Buhler said, “I hate Jennifer Aniston. Or really anyone Perez hates. You really become one with him after becoming a devoted reader.”

Perez has the most viewership of any website for 18-25 year old women besides Facebook, a social networkign site.

“Perez Hilton really has become more than just a gossip blog about Britney Spears. I think a lot of girls read about Barack Obama when they might not have picked up a newspaper,” Natalie Polen, 18, said.