The Big “O”

Oprah is everything my mother aspires to be. Or so it seems.

The Books, the magazine, the cookbooks, or really any product Oprah has ever advertised or claimed to have liked- my mom has purchased.

And she’s not alone. After Oprah’s “Favorite Things” television specials, companies such as L’occitane en Provence and Le Mystere have reported limited stock in those items-or have to put Oprah’s favorite items on backorder.

What’s the mystique of Oprah, and why are so many women her fans? Her talkshow is at 4 p.m. est/3 p.m. cst. She donates thousands of dollars a year to charity and is politically involved. But what do you think it is that makes her so special?

Oprah Winfrey


3 responses to “The Big “O”

  1. kimberyknelson

    Oprah is Goddess. Always has been, always will be.

    Also, her favorite things ALWAYS seem to end up in my Christmas stocking. Literally every year. Plus, we seem to own every book Oprah has ever suggested.

    Oh Harpo, what an inspiration 🙂

  2. I don’t watch a Oprah, which is probably not a huge surprise (I’m a guy). BUT neither does my mom. She says she’s really self-serving…

  3. I imagine a lot of it must do with a sense of identification with Oprah. With all the stuff she’s been through, she can relate to her viewers. But like Andrew said, perhaps with her crazy fame/influence now, is this sense of identification withering away?

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